Pearl Lee, PharmD, IFMCP

Wherever you are,
there is a path to natural healing

I create personalized treatment plans to help you transform your health without prescription medications.

Let's hear your story...

You may have a diagnosis or just feel tired and can’t get the extra weight off.

Maybe you have gut or skin issues, hormone imbalances, random pains, or feel anxious or depressed.

Your doctor glances at your labs and hands you a prescription for the symptoms or diagnosis.

But what if you do not want to take that prescription medication?

You want more options, a long term solution.

If these are your thoughts, you are not alone. 

I understand what it’s like because I’ve been there before.

Let me help...

pearl lee pharmd

As a hospital pharmacist for over 15 years, I have seen the miracles of modern healthcare. However, when I learned about functional medicine, I knew that I needed to incorporate it into my personal and professional life. As a result,  the changes I’ve implemented for my patients have made significant and lasting positive impacts on their health.

To practice functional medicine professionally, I am certified through the Institute of Functional Medicine, who sets the gold standard in functional medicine education.

Being able to resolve symptoms without the need for medications not only opens up treatment options, it allows us to truly be in control of our own health.

As we work together
I will...

Use my expertise in medications and supplements to optimize your regimen

Take the time to listen and understand your issues

Identify and explain potential causes of your symptoms

Utilize specialized labs to better understand your physiology

The result:
you will have...

Better understanding of the indication, benefits and risks of the medications you are taking

Improved understanding of what may be causing your symptoms

More options for treatment other than just medications

Better control over your symptoms and improved overall health

My Practice is:


based on genetic, biochemical and lifestyle factors


backed up by scientific literature


empowers the patient as part of the patient-provider team

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