Pearl Lee, PharmD, IFMCP

Meet Pearl,
Functional Medicine Pharmacist

Through supportive healing...I’m here to help you transform your health, naturally.

Symptoms are your body’s
way of communicating
its needs to you.
Let’s address them.

Why I am here

Having been a pharmacist at a large academic medical center for over 15 years, I have gained valuable expertise in taking care of a wide array of patients. Seeing conventional medicine at work, I have realized both the benefits and shortcomings of our current healthcare model.

Using functional medicine, my goal is to fill in the gaps and to solve the health issues that may not have real solutions using conventional medicine. Additionally, I want to provide more options for treatment.

With the current healthcare model, provider visits are often short and end with prescription medications. Increasingly, providers are leaning on medications to treat complex medical issues. Being a pharmacist has given me the opportunity to scrutinize medications from a specialized perspective and to dive deep into the benefits and risks.

I’ve realized that while medications can be lifesaving, when it comes to chronic issues, they are often a “band-aid” approach. Rather, our symptoms can often be alleviated by addressing various lifestyle factors. Identifying the root cause of disease can allow us to avoid the need for medications and to have better outcomes through true healing. 

My own health challenges

Functional medicine led me to explore the root causes of my skin issues (eczema and acne), hormone imbalances and subclinical hypothyroidism. I could’ve easily accumulated several prescription medications for these issues, but…turns out I did not need any medications. I just needed to address my food sensitivities, stress and gut health. 

Since applying functional medicine principles to my own life (and my family’s), I can attest to the transformation that is possible. In fact, I believe that healing my own body is what has given me the capacity to be here today to help others.

lifelong learner

I love curling up with a good new release book on health or folding laundry while listening to functional medicine podcasts. To advance my knowledge professionally, I obtained certification through the Institute of Functional Medicine. It is my passion and life goal to help others with their health challenges and I do so by staying on top of the latest information. 

I can help you achieve your health goals, feel better, and show up as your best self!

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