Pearl Lee, PharmD, IFMCP

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Grilling meat and carcinogens: Is it ok to eat burnt food?

  Fact or Fiction? Eating too much grilled or burnt meat can cause cancer. I’ve been eating a ton of grilled meat and wanted to know the answer, so I dug into some literature. Here are some facts… Does grilling cause carcinogens?  Grilling foods produce HAAs (heterocyclic aromatic amines), PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), advanced glycation […]

Guide to Healthy Eating

How are healthy foods determined on the food cone? This diagram aims to reduce inflammatory foods and glucose spikes. No matter where you are in the spectrum of health, you can benefit from limiting inflammation and maintaining a balanced blood sugar. What foods are inflammatory? Everything in the red triangle – “bad” oils, sugar, processed […]