Pearl Lee, PharmD, IFMCP

Category: Health

Grilling meat and carcinogens: Is it ok to eat burnt food?

  Fact or Fiction? Eating too much grilled or burnt meat can cause cancer. I’ve been eating a ton of grilled meat and wanted to know the answer, so I dug into some literature. Here are some facts… Does grilling cause carcinogens?  Grilling foods produce HAAs (heterocyclic aromatic amines), PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), advanced glycation […]

Guide to Better Sleep

Why am I so tired all the time? How do I fall asleep and stay asleep? Why do I keep waking up at night? These are questions many of us deal with, at least from time to time. Here are some tools and tips that I hope can help you achieve high quality rest at […]

Guide to Cycle Syncing

During our reproductive years, women are cyclical beings in more ways than one. In addition to our 24-hour circadian rhythm, we have the ~26-35 day menstrual cycle. During this monthly cycle, hormones rise and fall, contributing to our different moods, symptoms and even exercise tolerance. Why is it that sometimes we feel like chatting with […]

Five S’s to a Stronger Immune System

Especially with the pandemic still looming, being healthy with a strong immune system may be more in the forefront of our minds. Sure, “diet and exercise” is commonly touted as the route to good health. But what else can we do, especially when we’re already eating well-ish and hitting the (home) gym regularly? Sleep Lack […]